O&O DiskImage Server 16.1 Build 195

February 27, 2021 - Software
O&O DiskImage Server 16.1 Build 195

O&O DiskImage Professional allows you to back up your entire computer or individual files at any time – even when the computer is in use. In the event of loss of personal data, it can be easily restored with just a few clicks – even when the Windows system does not start. The program supports working with SSDs and the latest UEFI systems.

O&O DiskImage allows you to perform system recovery and duplicate or clone an entire computer or entire hard drive. You can even restore a specific backup to a computer whose hardware components are different from the original machine, for example, when replacing the motherboard or when purchasing a completely different computer.



Image an entire computer with the push of a button

Image system and data drives

Also available for use on virtual machines

Clone drives and entire disks

File backup: image and restore individual files and/or folders

NEW: Command line function for creating images and backups using prompts

Monitoring and warning of security risks

Image only used sectors

Incremental/differential images: backup only the changes

Forensic and Direct Forensic images

Save images to network drives

Time Schedule for automatic, regular images

Advanced burning on CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD

SSD Support

Remark: Respect goes to radixx11

(Registered Silent Install Repack)






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